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Game News: Survive: Space Attack!

Survive Space Attack!  Board Game | The Boarding Kennel | Stronghold Games

There’s a satisfying parallel to be drawn by the fact that Survive, a game about escaping the destruction of Atlantis, has spent more than 30 years bobbing around in safe gaming waters while so many of its cardboard comrades have disappeared into obscurity. Do it! DRAW THE PARALLEL OR SO HELP ME.

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Game News: Coup Mobile is free on the App Store

Coup Board Game Online Mobile| The Boarding Kennel

Free game alert! Petite and punchy hidden roles game Coup has made the jump to mobile thanks to a brand new iOS version from Banana & Co, and I’ve been tucking into it this morning to see if it’s worth the bother. Continue reading

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Kickstarter: Human Interface – Nakamura Tower

Human Interface Nakamura Tower Board Game | The Boarding Kennel |

I have an uneasy rumbling in my board game waters today, readers, and not just because I polished off the last of the sheep cards from Settlers of Catan for lunch. No, it’s because of the seriously good-looking game launched on Kickstarter today called Human Interface – Nakamura Tower. Yes, really. It’s got the lot – painstakingly-sculpted miniatures, sexy cyberpunk theme, and a unique combination of tactical, skirmish and roleplay games according to designers Postindustrial Games. It’s also within a whisker of hitting its £35,000 Kickstarter goal after just a few hours, with backers dropping upwards of £60 to bag a copy. The problem? We still know barely a thing about how the game plays. Continue reading

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Should you buy… Mascarade?

Mascarade Board Game Card Game Bruno Faidutti| The Boarding Kennel | Repos ProductionsWay, way back in the prehistoric mists of the year 2000, a man called Bruno Faidutti invented a card game. He called it Citadels, and the people rejoiced, for it let them build pretty little towns while engaging in a battle of bluffs with their friends, using the powers of medieval characters like kings and assassins to help them win the game. About 13 years later, Faidutti realised you could probably ditch the town-building bit and just go all-in on the bluffing, and Mascarade was born.

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Game News: One Night Resistance

One Night Resistance Board Game| The Boarding Kennel | Indie Boards and Cards


Today’s big board gaming news is that two popular titans of the hidden roles genre have been mashed together to create a brand new game. OR HAVE THEY? One Night Resistance marries the dystopic future spyness of Boarding Kennel fave The Resistance (see our review here) with one of the latest reworkings of the Mafia/Werewolf line – One Night Ultimate Werewolf (or 1NUWW, if you will). Continue reading

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Alert! International TableTop Day is tomorrow

International TableTop Day Board Game| The Boarding Kennel | Wil WheatonIt’s here! International TableTop Day falls this Saturday, bringing with it the perfect excuse to dive into a bunch of new board games at events around the world. Continue reading

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Feature: 8 awesome board games to keep you entertained over Easter

Survive Escape from Atlantis Board Game| The Boarding Kennel | Stronghold Games

Oh dear – Easter’s over, and we’ve all had to drag our bloated, chocolate-filled bodies back to the office to do something called ‘work’. Unless you’re retired. Or a child on half term. Or you don’t have a job.

Either way, what better way to zap your food and surprise sun-addled bodies back into life than checking out this piece we wrote for the Press Association ahead of the long weekend, calling on people to spread their board gaming wings a little further this Easter and try some of the amazing modern games out there.

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