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Kickstarter: Salvation Road

Salvation Road board game|The Boarding Kennel|Van Ryder Games

You’ve got to applaud the makers of Mad Max-a-like board game Salvation Road for their timing. Launching their Kickstarter to coincide with the release date of Mad Max: Fury Road means they’ll surely pick up a rash of pledges from people fresh out of watching Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy explode their way across the wilderness.

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Kickstarter: Coup: Rebellion G54


Coup Rebellion G54 board game card game | The Boarding Kennel | Indie Boards and Cards

Coup! Such a nice little word, so pleasant to say. Coup. Coup. Cooooooo. Although hard to think of it as anything but pigeon noise once that’s been crowbarred into your brain by a well-meaning board game review website. Sorry!

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Should you buy… Memoir ’44?

Memoir 44 board game cover|The Boarding Kennel|Days of WonderThis looks like the kind of game your mum warned you about. Historic war theme! A board made of hexagons! Tiny plastic army men! Fear not, casual gamer, for this is no rules-heavy, nine-hour nightmare of pushing around cardboard chits and squinting at spreadsheets. This, my friends, is Memoir ’44, and it’s as quick and dynamic as a blitzkrieg.

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Game News: Portal continues busy 2015 with new Imperial Settlers faction

Imperial Settlers Atlanteans Board Game Card Game|The Boarding Kennel|Portal Games

Time to get on the Imperial Settlers train I think, before it picks up too much steam and, erm, reaches a station outside my travel card zone? Hmm. What I’m trying to say is that Portal Games have announced a new faction pack for the game, which has already had one expansion since hitting the shelves last year.

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