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Kickstarter: Spheres of Influence: Struggle for Global Supremacy

SoititleHands up if you’ve played Risk! Crumbs, that is a lot of you. One, two ,thr– wait, you on the left – that’s not a hand, please put it down. Oh god. Continue reading

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Game News: They Come Unseen

They Come UnseenCreepy title! Despite being named like a by-the-numbers Hollywood blockbuster horror film, They Come Unseen is actually about submarines. Submarines! And my god does it sound good. Continue reading

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Competition: Win our special preview edition of Monstrous

Monstrous monstersBounteous were the ancient Greek gods in bestowing gifts to their favoured champions, and so it is at The Boarding Kennel. We’re giving away our special edition preview copy of monster-chucking card game Monstrous, which has just gone live on Kickstarter, to one lucky reader, who’ll get their hands on the goods a full three or four months before the game potentially starts dropping on people’s doormats.

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Should you buy… Monstrous?

Monstrous board game card game box cover|The Boarding Kennel|Secret Base GamesDiversity in board games has never been stronger. Whether you want to command vast space fleets and get up to the elbows in seven hours of pan-galactic diplomacy, or would rather help a superhero rhino heave his bulk up a surprisingly wobbly building, there’s probably something out there for you. Despite the vast range of creativity on offer, though, there’s still a tendency for certain ideas and mechanics to repeat themselves. Lazily-constructed deckbuilders with pasted-on themes. Middle-of-the-road worker placement games. Zombie miniatures. Oh GOD the zombie miniatures. So amid the temptation to jump on the wagon behind something popular and ride it to the bank, hats off to someone sticking their neck out and trying something different. Welcome to Monstrous, ladies and gentlemen. Continue reading

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Game News: Cheap deals on Amazon ALERT

Cash 'n GunsHappy Monday you lovely people. And happy payday! What better time to get stuck in and take the plunge on that board game you’ve been meaning to bag. Or one you’ve never heard of, but sounds like great fun? Step this way my friends, for the UK arm of small-time online marketplace Amazon is having a sale on a swathe of board games, giving you a cool five pounds off if you spend more than £20. Perfect! There’s a pile of dross in there, though, so let us help divert you towards some golden gaming nuggets.

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