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Interview: 7 Wonders creator Antoine Bauza on his upcoming Attack on Titan game


Wooosh! I’ll tell you right now, if you’ve not been exposed to the intro from the anime version of Attack on Titan yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. I defy you to watch it without a rousing vigour bubbling up inside you about half way through. Go on, get your vigour well and truly roused: Continue reading

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Should you buy… Orléans?

Orleans coverBuckle up board game fans, because this week we’re going on a high-octane ride to… hang on, medieval France?

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Should you buy… Android: Infiltration?

Android Infiltration board game cover

Gather close, my friends, and allow me to let you in on a secret. A secret, a warning, and some advice. I realise that sounds like the sort of combination someone might use before handing you a leaflet for the STD clinic, but hear me out. I want to talk to you about a board game which won’t be with us for much longer, and like the clinic, I want to help you avoid ending up feeling sad, emotional and a little raw. Continue reading

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Kickstarters: Oni, Res Publica 2230AD

Oni res publica

Indianapolis. The crossroads of America. Dust settles on a town abandoned, the massed tread of shopping bag-laden board gamers now just a faint echo after a football stadium-worth of people realised the end of Gen Con was nigh and just… left. Occasional movement flickers at the edge of deserted boulevards – things that might once have been human skitter in the shadows, crying out for more games to fill their unending hunger. “GAMES” they rasp, waving the remains of dessicated wallets from some long-forgotten reality. “MORE GAMES”.

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Gen Con 2015 Daily Roundup: Day Two

Giant steam-powered battle robots, a 1920s flapper version of Loki, and we’re off to Hoth in Star Wars Imperial Assault.

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