Hello you! Come in, come in, don’t stand out there in the cold and rain. Coat on the stand, that’s it, and pull up a chair by the fire. Not that one sorry, it’s taken. Or that one. Look it’s not a big kennel, all right?

Board games are brilliant – if you’ve found your way here you either already know that, or have a nagging suspicion they might be. Welcome! You’re definitely not alone – the board game industry has ballooned in the past decade thanks to a creative trail blazed by exciting new designers, and online stores now make finding and buying the more popular games as easy as clicking a few buttons.

But which games should you buy? Board games can come in as cheap as under a tenner, but more realistically you’re looking at anything from £25 for a lightweight map and counters game, to upwards of £50 or £60 for bigger boxes full of plastic miniatures.

Pick the right ones, the ones you’ll slap down on the table with friends time after time, and that’s pretty good value for money. Grab a stinker, or shell out on a game which just doesn’t suit what you like, and it’s a nasty whack in the wallet. We figured our own successes and failures could help, and that we should effing well get on and make a website about it. YES this one.

If you’re brand new to games, don’t worry – we were there just a couple of years ago, so we know how confusing things can be. We’re here to shout loudly about the best, and to warn you away from the boring or flawed.

It’s definitely not all about us though – it’s about you! Played a game you love? Tell us. Hate a game we love? Tell us that too. There’s something for everyone in board games, and we want to help you find the gems that you’ll break out again and again.

Email or tweet us! Share your advice, comments or (gulp) criticism with @BoardingKennel_ on Twitter, and throw any email missives to [email protected]

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