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Scythe finally hits Kickstarter tomorrow – and we’ve given it a whirl

Scythe header

You can tell which ones the Scythe demo tables are from some distance away. Among hundreds of stalls, thousands of gaming tables and tens of thousands of board game fans, just a lonely pair of tables in the four aircraft hangar-like halls of the enormous Essen Spiel board game fair are devoted to a copy of the most sought after game of the year – possibly the most hyped board game ever. Scythe. You can spot the tables, often precisely because you can’t see them – of all the tables in the fair, none are so consistently surrounded by spectators, keen to get a passing glimpse of the game in action ahead of its long-awaited Kickstarter, which launches tomorrow. Continue reading

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Choose your own adventure-style board game 7th Continent hits Kickstarter, obliterates target

7th continent layoutHold tight everyone – someone’s basically made a choose your own adventure board game. And it looks like it might actually be pretty good.

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Try a free copy of World’s Fair 1893 as Kickstarter goes live today

Worlds fair boxI love World’s Fair 1893. Love it. And I haven’t even played it yet. It’s that title – I thought initially it was ‘The World’s Fair’. Even though we all know the world’s patently unfair, and full of horror and death and Donald Trump. Even though that’s obviously not what the title means. It just feels warm and comforting on the tongue, like some kind of word meatball. Try saying it out loud now. ‘The World’s Fair’. Bliss.

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Kickstarters: Oni, Res Publica 2230AD

Oni res publica

Indianapolis. The crossroads of America. Dust settles on a town abandoned, the massed tread of shopping bag-laden board gamers now just a faint echo after a football stadium-worth of people realised the end of Gen Con was nigh and just… left. Occasional movement flickers at the edge of deserted boulevards – things that might once have been human skitter in the shadows, crying out for more games to fill their unending hunger. “GAMES” they rasp, waving the remains of dessicated wallets from some long-forgotten reality. “MORE GAMES”.

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Kickstarter: Spheres of Influence: Struggle for Global Supremacy

SoititleHands up if you’ve played Risk! Crumbs, that is a lot of you. One, two ,thr– wait, you on the left – that’s not a hand, please put it down. Oh god. Continue reading

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Should you buy… Monstrous?

Monstrous board game card game box cover|The Boarding Kennel|Secret Base GamesDiversity in board games has never been stronger. Whether you want to command vast space fleets and get up to the elbows in seven hours of pan-galactic diplomacy, or would rather help a superhero rhino heave his bulk up a surprisingly wobbly building, there’s probably something out there for you. Despite the vast range of creativity on offer, though, there’s still a tendency for certain ideas and mechanics to repeat themselves. Lazily-constructed deckbuilders with pasted-on themes. Middle-of-the-road worker placement games. Zombie miniatures. Oh GOD the zombie miniatures. So amid the temptation to jump on the wagon behind something popular and ride it to the bank, hats off to someone sticking their neck out and trying something different. Welcome to Monstrous, ladies and gentlemen. Continue reading

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Kickstarter: Salvation Road

Salvation Road board game|The Boarding Kennel|Van Ryder Games

You’ve got to applaud the makers of Mad Max-a-like board game Salvation Road for their timing. Launching their Kickstarter to coincide with the release date of Mad Max: Fury Road means they’ll surely pick up a rash of pledges from people fresh out of watching Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy explode their way across the wilderness.

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Kickstarter: Coup: Rebellion G54


Coup Rebellion G54 board game card game | The Boarding Kennel | Indie Boards and Cards

Coup! Such a nice little word, so pleasant to say. Coup. Coup. Cooooooo. Although hard to think of it as anything but pigeon noise once that’s been crowbarred into your brain by a well-meaning board game review website. Sorry!

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Kickstarter: Human Interface – Nakamura Tower

Human Interface Nakamura Tower Board Game | The Boarding Kennel |

I have an uneasy rumbling in my board game waters today, readers, and not just because I polished off the last of the sheep cards from Settlers of Catan for lunch. No, it’s because of the seriously good-looking game launched on Kickstarter today called Human Interface – Nakamura Tower. Yes, really. It’s got the lot – painstakingly-sculpted miniatures, sexy cyberpunk theme, and a unique combination of tactical, skirmish and roleplay games according to designers Postindustrial Games. It’s also within a whisker of hitting its £35,000 Kickstarter goal after just a few hours, with backers dropping upwards of £60 to bag a copy. The problem? We still know barely a thing about how the game plays. Continue reading

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Game News: One Night Resistance

One Night Resistance Board Game| The Boarding Kennel | Indie Boards and Cards


Today’s big board gaming news is that two popular titans of the hidden roles genre have been mashed together to create a brand new game. OR HAVE THEY? One Night Resistance marries the dystopic future spyness of Boarding Kennel fave The Resistance (see our review here) with one of the latest reworkings of the Mafia/Werewolf line – One Night Ultimate Werewolf (or 1NUWW, if you will). Continue reading

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