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Watch the world’s best Netrunner, X-Wing, Game of Thrones LCG players battle for the World Championships with our handy Twitch viewing guide


worldsMore Fantasy Flight news – the company’s annual World Championships kicks off today at their headquarters in Minnesota, and I couldn’t be more jealous of everyone there. Four days of wall-to-wall competitive matches for games including Netrunner, the Game of Thrones Card Game, and Star Wars miniatures games Armada, Imperial Assault and X-Wing. Every tournament is being show live on online video streaming service Twitch, kicking off at 10.30 CST (4.30 GMT) today with hotshot pilots dogfighting away in the first day of the X-Wing champs. Continue reading

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Escape the NightmareOh, I like the sound of this. A fast-paced card-swapping set collection game, where each swap might see you lose the use of your arms or have to talk in rhyme, all with a ten-second ‘game over’ countdown which resets whenever you make a swap? That’s the sort of chaos I can get on board with. Continue reading

The Bloody Inn, Kingdom Builder, Fortress America – what are YOU playing this weekend?

pic2618699_mdHappy Friday Saturday board gamers! Yesterday we were getting ready to slip into the weekend like an eel into a warm bath when our server crashed, so sorry that you haven’t been able to get on the site until now. Turns out I now can’t upload new pictures, which is why I’ve had to use a completely unrelated one on this article for now. Fixed! Anyway – the weekend’s here now, and there’s gaming action galore!

We’ve got exciting new Essen purchase The Bloody Inn to give a test run, and we’re also looking forward to cracking open Kingdom Builder, Fortress America and the venerable Alhambra from 2003. We’ll totally fit in a skirmish game of Imperial Assault in there somewhere too, and if there’s no Netrunner I’ll eat my console.

What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below, and show off your pics to us on Twitter or the Facebook.

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Competition: Win our special preview edition of Monstrous

Monstrous monstersBounteous were the ancient Greek gods in bestowing gifts to their favoured champions, and so it is at The Boarding Kennel. We’re giving away our special edition preview copy of monster-chucking card game Monstrous, which has just gone live on Kickstarter, to one lucky reader, who’ll get their hands on the goods a full three or four months before the game potentially starts dropping on people’s doormats.

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Alert! International TableTop Day is tomorrow

International TableTop Day Board Game| The Boarding Kennel | Wil WheatonIt’s here! International TableTop Day falls this Saturday, bringing with it the perfect excuse to dive into a bunch of new board games at events around the world. Continue reading

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Friday Tea Break: Crafting the perfect beer game, Rooky errors

Hello you! Alcohol is always on my mind at this point in the working week, but especially so today amid the news that craft beer-based board game Brewing USA is on the cusp of filling up its Kickstarter, with only the foamy top still to go. Like a pint of beer! You see?

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Friday Tea Break: Games Workshop history time, big screen Settlers and a Heroclix primer

HobnobsHappy Friday everyone! What a mix of treats for you this afternoon as you sup your cuppa and munch on a Hobnob biscuit. While you’re there, I’d just like to say thank you so much for visiting – The Boarding Kennel got its most visitors ever this week, and every day saw more users than the last. Which is a lovely thing. I’ve got loads of things planned for the site, including some most likely hideously amateurish video of me and my friends playing some of our favourite games. Continue reading

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Friday Tea Break: XCOM The Board Game, Victorian Netrunner and Ghostbusters

GhostbustersYou’ve made it to Friday afternoon, congrats! A time to doss around and count down the hours until you can clock off and hit the pub. What better way to wind the clock along than tucking in to The Boarding Kennel’s pick of the week’s most interesting board gaming bits from around the web?

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