Escape the NightmareOh, I like the sound of this. A fast-paced card-swapping set collection game, where each swap might see you lose the use of your arms or have to talk in rhyme, all with a ten-second ‘game over’ countdown which resets whenever you make a swap? That’s the sort of chaos I can get on board with.

Escape the Nightmare hit Kickstarter just now targeting £6,000, and I really hope it gets there. You can get an overview of how the game’s played in this ‘How to Play’ video (Best bit: “Oh, the problem is I’m covered in bees!”), but in short you’re all trapped in a shared nightmare represented by an array of different cards detailing different horrors, from mutilation and isolation to delirium and death. Cheerful!

BuzzingYou can trade cards with others to complete sets, with each completed set bringing you closer to winning the game. Each time you trade, though, you have to perform the effect or action listed on your card, which could prevent you trading with the player to your left, force you to shut your eyes for a period of time or recite a long string of binary code before being able to talk. But there’s no time for that! One player will have a card labelled ‘It’s Coming’, which forces them into performing a ten-second countdown. Fail to trade the card away before that, and the game is over. Shove a card into someone’s hand without proper prep, though – one demanding they show three of a particular card type, for example – also sees you lose, so you need to work smart as well as fast if you want to win.

Check out the Kickstarter here – it’s only a tenner, plus a couple of quid shipping. Decide to grab a copy? Or not? Let us know why in the comments below.

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