Game News: Quick! Carcassonne is free on the Android app store

CarcassonneHappy Monday you gorgeous lot. What better way to kick off the week than with a free game? Free if you’re on an Android phone, that is, but I’m sure loads of you are.

Carcassonne sounds like exactly the sort of board game your mum warned you about – set in medieval France, it has you laying square cardboard tiles to create towns, fields and monasteries, and populating them with plastic people to represent things like knights and farmers.

But 15 years and a peasant’s hat full of awards since it was first released, Carcassonne has firmly established itself as a piece of modern board gaming brilliance. It’s rapid to learn, quick to play and brimming with tactical options with the draw of each random tile. Cheer as you build a road near your friend’s almost completed castle, which guarantees they won’t find the right piece to fit the space! Wail as someone cuts off your field and leaves your little plastic farmer worthless and alone! Laugh as you discover you were just a couple of agonising points from winning – if only you’d built an extra bit of road here, or hadn’t been so greedy trying to build a monstrous castle there, the game would have been yours.

Carcassonne 2


The Android version, which is free at the moment as part of their app of the day scheme, lets you take on up to five other human or AI players online or in local multiplayer, and comes with the river add-on for free. Sounds like you can drop a load of cash on a string of expansion as well through in-app purchases, but frankly the base game has enough going for it that you’ll never need to part with your hard-earned coins.

Check out the link to the download page here.

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