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Netrunner notes: Getting to grips with… Sunny LeBeau


The latest Netrunner big box expansion, Data and Destiny, brought a brand new challenge in the form of three individual ‘mini-faction’ runners, and the community is still trying to work out how to get the best out of some pretty weird new cards. In the mysterious country known as England, three wise men saw the Data and Destiny star and decided to each undertake a journey with one of the new runners, hoping to arrive bearing useful gifts for all. The first, Tim Maytom, tells the tale of his time so far with working mum and all-round corporate ass-kicker Sunny Lebeau. Continue reading

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Watch the world’s best Netrunner, X-Wing, Game of Thrones LCG players battle for the World Championships with our handy Twitch viewing guide


worldsMore Fantasy Flight news – the company’s annual World Championships kicks off today at their headquarters in Minnesota, and I couldn’t be more jealous of everyone there. Four days of wall-to-wall competitive matches for games including Netrunner, the Game of Thrones Card Game, and Star Wars miniatures games Armada, Imperial Assault and X-Wing. Every tournament is being show live on online video streaming service Twitch, kicking off at 10.30 CST (4.30 GMT) today with hotshot pilots dogfighting away in the first day of the X-Wing champs. Continue reading

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Surprise! FFG reveals huge new Star Wars galactic battle miniatures game

Fantasy Flight Games know how to drop a bomb all right. Just when you think they’re all out of surprises for the year – and we’ve had doozies like the new Fury of Dracula, a Hoth-themed big box for Imperial Assault and a re-polished Runebound adventure game – they go and drop a new Star Wars miniatures game, and drop everyone’s jaws in the process. Continue reading

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