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Watch the world’s best Netrunner, X-Wing, Game of Thrones LCG players battle for the World Championships with our handy Twitch viewing guide


worldsMore Fantasy Flight news – the company’s annual World Championships kicks off today at their headquarters in Minnesota, and I couldn’t be more jealous of everyone there. Four days of wall-to-wall competitive matches for games including Netrunner, the Game of Thrones Card Game, and Star Wars miniatures games Armada, Imperial Assault and X-Wing. Every tournament is being show live on online video streaming service Twitch, kicking off at 10.30 CST (4.30 GMT) today with hotshot pilots dogfighting away in the first day of the X-Wing champs. Continue reading

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The Bloody Inn, Kingdom Builder, Fortress America – what are YOU playing this weekend?

pic2618699_mdHappy Friday Saturday board gamers! Yesterday we were getting ready to slip into the weekend like an eel into a warm bath when our server crashed, so sorry that you haven’t been able to get on the site until now. Turns out I now can’t upload new pictures, which is why I’ve had to use a completely unrelated one on this article for now. Fixed! Anyway – the weekend’s here now, and there’s gaming action galore!

We’ve got exciting new Essen purchase The Bloody Inn to give a test run, and we’re also looking forward to cracking open Kingdom Builder, Fortress America and the venerable Alhambra from 2003. We’ll totally fit in a skirmish game of Imperial Assault in there somewhere too, and if there’s no Netrunner I’ll eat my console.

What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below, and show off your pics to us on Twitter or the Facebook.

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Return of the Je-DICE: An entire Imperial Assault campaign – Episode 1

ImpAss Diary Header Final


Episode I: Aftermath

**Spoiler alert! You’ll find Imperial Assault is full of surprises, which will invariably be ruined for you to some degree if you read along with our campaign. But! If you’re thinking about buying it, chances are you’ll end up taking control of the Empire side anyway, in which case you’re in control of all the secrets regardless. That said, read on!
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Return of the Je-DICE: An entire Imperial Assault campaign – intro


ImpAss Diary Header Final“I’ve made an impulsive decision.”

That was it – the moment a few weeks back when my friend Alex messaged me to tell me that he’d done it: coughed up the not-insignificant chunk of cash for a copy of the latest Star Wars board gaming hotness, Imperial Assault. A flurry of texts followed, demanding photos, cooing over plastic AT-STs, bemoaning Byzantine rulebooks and quickly jamming a date in the diary to give it a spin. We’ve not shut up about it since. Continue reading

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