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Surprise! FFG reveals huge new Star Wars galactic battle miniatures game

Fantasy Flight Games know how to drop a bomb all right. Just when you think they’re all out of surprises for the year – and we’ve had doozies like the new Fury of Dracula, a Hoth-themed big box for Imperial Assault and a re-polished Runebound adventure game – they go and drop a new Star Wars miniatures game, and drop everyone’s jaws in the process. Continue reading

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Corpse KingRunebound! What a name. Does it make anyone else think it’s some fantasy parallel of being eggbound? Some poor adventurer squatting unsuccessfully in the woods, trying to expel the consequences of an evening spent chomping down runic tablets? No? Oh dear. Continue reading

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P1000339Slipping quietly between the towering piles of ‘Top 5 Games to Play at Halloween’ lists like a spooky mist comes the news that stellar 2014 zombie survival game Dead of Winter is getting an app to run the game’s very best bit – its Crossroads cards. Continue reading

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Midweek news blast: the two Ticket to Ride iOS apps are still free everyone

Ticket to Ride

I shied away from covering this yesterday as there’s no indication when it might all be over, but the offer to download the iOS edition of Ticket to Ride: Pocket and its European map counterpart for a measly cost of ZERO is still going strong, so hurry up and get on it.

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News time! Mafia becomes a blockbuster movie (really), Fury of Dracula looms large, plus a Mars double

Mafia filmI can’t really believe I’m writing this, but as of this morning the next big tabletop game film franchise we’re all waiting for with bated breath is no longer Hungry Hungry Hippos. No. Ladies and gentlemen, god bless Mother Russia for taking a tilt at a cinematic blockbuster version of… hidden roles card game Mafia.

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Scythe finally hits Kickstarter tomorrow – and we’ve given it a whirl

Scythe header

You can tell which ones the Scythe demo tables are from some distance away. Among hundreds of stalls, thousands of gaming tables and tens of thousands of board game fans, just a lonely pair of tables in the four aircraft hangar-like halls of the enormous Essen Spiel board game fair are devoted to a copy of the most sought after game of the year – possibly the most hyped board game ever. Scythe. You can spot the tables, often precisely because you can’t see them – of all the tables in the fair, none are so consistently surrounded by spectators, keen to get a passing glimpse of the game in action ahead of its long-awaited Kickstarter, which launches tomorrow. Continue reading

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Return of the Je-DICE: An entire Imperial Assault campaign – Episode 1

ImpAss Diary Header Final


Episode I: Aftermath

**Spoiler alert! You’ll find Imperial Assault is full of surprises, which will invariably be ruined for you to some degree if you read along with our campaign. But! If you’re thinking about buying it, chances are you’ll end up taking control of the Empire side anyway, in which case you’re in control of all the secrets regardless. That said, read on!
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Return of the Je-DICE: An entire Imperial Assault campaign – intro


ImpAss Diary Header Final“I’ve made an impulsive decision.”

That was it – the moment a few weeks back when my friend Alex messaged me to tell me that he’d done it: coughed up the not-insignificant chunk of cash for a copy of the latest Star Wars board gaming hotness, Imperial Assault. A flurry of texts followed, demanding photos, cooing over plastic AT-STs, bemoaning Byzantine rulebooks and quickly jamming a date in the diary to give it a spin. We’ve not shut up about it since. Continue reading

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Friday news blast: Pack of Lies is nigh, Heroes of Normandie hits PC, Stegmaier finds last 95 copies of Tuscany Prima in a corner

Sexy orcs

Happy Friday my little board game beauties! No sense wasting time with a loquacious preamble, let’s just get the hell on with it and kick off with:

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Choose your own adventure-style board game 7th Continent hits Kickstarter, obliterates target

7th continent layoutHold tight everyone – someone’s basically made a choose your own adventure board game. And it looks like it might actually be pretty good.

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