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Scythe finally hits Kickstarter tomorrow – and we’ve given it a whirl

Scythe header

You can tell which ones the Scythe demo tables are from some distance away. Among hundreds of stalls, thousands of gaming tables and tens of thousands of board game fans, just a lonely pair of tables in the four aircraft hangar-like halls of the enormous Essen Spiel board game fair are devoted to a copy of the most sought after game of the year – possibly the most hyped board game ever. Scythe. You can spot the tables, often precisely because you can’t see them – of all the tables in the fair, none are so consistently surrounded by spectators, keen to get a passing glimpse of the game in action ahead of its long-awaited Kickstarter, which launches tomorrow. Continue reading

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Should you buy… Android: Infiltration?

Android Infiltration board game cover

Gather close, my friends, and allow me to let you in on a secret. A secret, a warning, and some advice. I realise that sounds like the sort of combination someone might use before handing you a leaflet for the STD clinic, but hear me out. I want to talk to you about a board game which won’t be with us for much longer, and like the clinic, I want to help you avoid ending up feeling sad, emotional and a little raw. Continue reading

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Should you buy… Eminent Domain: Microcosm?

Eminent Domain Microcosm

As I write this something truly spectacular is happening in what some scientists call the ‘Solar System’. A tiny, carefully crafted package launched into the freezing blackness of space nine years ago has completed an epic journey to Pluto, whizzing past it at 14km per second and snapping pictures along the way. Smartly designed, small-scale, attempting to achieve something greater than the sum of its parts – surely this can’t be a segue into something about board gameohhh my god here it comes

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Should you buy… Memoir ’44: Eastern Front expansion?

The Boarding Kennel crew are forced to take cover after a surprise invasion following their recent Memoir ’44 review – who’s going to get them out of this one? Plus extended highlights of Gav’s Nazis taking on the stout Soviet defenders of Stalingrad under Commissar Mike. Chyort!

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Should you buy… A Game of Thrones: The Board Game?

Game of Thrones Board Game Winterfell Stark Lannister| The Boarding Kennel | Fantasy Flight GamesNight night my little princeling, don’t let the snarks and grumpkins bite. What? Well it’s a little late for a story lad, but if it’ll help you settle I suppose a few minutes can’t hurt. Pull your covers tight and let me tell you a tale of treachery and deceit, of friendships crushed and a rulebook so long and complicated it rivals the histories of the great houses themselves… 

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Should you buy… King of Tokyo?

Giant monsters, city destruction, low-rent comedy fart noises – it’s only The Boarding Kennel’s first ever video review! Sit yourself down, have a nice cup of tea, and find out whether King of Tokyo is an ace option to launch your friends into board games (it is). Definitely leave kind comments in the, er, comments please.


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