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Video news: Board Game Blast – September 11th

Another episode of the Boarding Kennel news show looms! As I said a couple of days back, I’m toying with the idea of quick, punchy news updates several times a week about the latest board game news and happenings. Let me know what you think!

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Should you buy… Memoir ’44: Eastern Front expansion?

The Boarding Kennel crew are forced to take cover after a surprise invasion following their recent Memoir ’44 review – who’s going to get them out of this one? Plus extended highlights of Gav’s Nazis taking on the stout Soviet defenders of Stalingrad under Commissar Mike. Chyort!

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Should you buy… King of Tokyo?

Giant monsters, city destruction, low-rent comedy fart noises – it’s only The Boarding Kennel’s first ever video review! Sit yourself down, have a nice cup of tea, and find out whether King of Tokyo is an ace option to launch your friends into board games (it is). Definitely leave kind comments in the, er, comments please.


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