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Should you buy… Memoir ’44: Eastern Front expansion?

The Boarding Kennel crew are forced to take cover after a surprise invasion following their recent Memoir ’44 review – who’s going to get them out of this one? Plus extended highlights of Gav’s Nazis taking on the stout Soviet defenders of Stalingrad under Commissar Mike. Chyort!

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Game News: Cheap deals on Amazon ALERT

Cash 'n GunsHappy Monday you lovely people. And happy payday! What better time to get stuck in and take the plunge on that board game you’ve been meaning to bag. Or one you’ve never heard of, but sounds like great fun? Step this way my friends, for the UK arm of small-time online marketplace Amazon is having a sale on a swathe of board games, giving you a cool five pounds off if you spend more than £20. Perfect! There’s a pile of dross in there, though, so let us help divert you towards some golden gaming nuggets.

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Should you buy… Memoir ’44?

Memoir 44 board game cover|The Boarding Kennel|Days of WonderThis looks like the kind of game your mum warned you about. Historic war theme! A board made of hexagons! Tiny plastic army men! Fear not, casual gamer, for this is no rules-heavy, nine-hour nightmare of pushing around cardboard chits and squinting at spreadsheets. This, my friends, is Memoir ’44, and it’s as quick and dynamic as a blitzkrieg.

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